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CICS TS - Overview

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS provides scalable, general-purpose, transaction processing solutions for high-volume updates to shared data. Businesses have used CICS to differentiate themselves by creating, extending, and evolving their critical applications.

You can use steps from the CICS TS plug-in for UrbanCode Deploy, in combination with other plug-ins,to automate the deployment and un-deployment of CICS applications.

In a wider context, the CICS TS plug-in can be used in conjunction with other CICS tooling to automate the build and deployment of CICS artifacts as part of a continuous delivery environment.


The plug-in includes steps to:


The CICS TS plug-in is supported to run against any of the following CICS editions:

Additionally, you must also have configured a CICS management client interface (CMCI) port, as described in topic Setting up access for CICS Explorer in the IBM Knowledge Center.

This plug-in requires UrbanCode Deploy 6.2.5 or later, and the zOS Utility 10 plug-in or later. Using this plug-in requires the UrbanCode Deploy agent to be running with Java 8; for details of how to upgrade the version of Java used by the agent, see Changing or updating the JRE of agents.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.

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