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Docker Registry - Settings

Process steps in the Docker plug-in

Import Version

Creates a new component version for a tag

This step has no input properties.

Roles in the Docker plug-in


Name Type Description
AWS Command Line File String Complete path of the AWS command line runtime file. Default: aws
AWS Region String Region to use when importing images from Amazon ECR.
Allow Insecure Registry Connection Boolean Select this option to allow insecure connections to the Docker registry
Bluemix Home String For use with IBM Clouds container registry. Specify the directory containing your Bluemix config.json file (for example, /root/.bluemix)
IBM Cloud API Endpoint String For example,
IBM Cloud Organization String For use with IBM Clouds container registry. The organization to log into. If left blank, the api will not be reset.
IBM Cloud Space String For use with IBM Clouds container registry. The space to log into. If left blank, the space will not be reset.
Image Name String The [namespace/]repository of the image in the Docker registry. For Amazon, namespace not needed.
Naming Convention Enumeration: The naming convention for component versions. Docker tags can be changed. If component versions need to be immutable, select a naming convention that includes the ID.
Registry String If image is host:5000/namespace/repository:tag use host:5000. Leave blank for Docker Hub. If Artifactory, supply the servers hostname or reverse proxy.
Registry API Key Password API key to be used when logging in to the registry. May be a string or location of a key file. Use in place of a username and password.
Registry Password Password The password used to login to the Docker registry. Default value is ${p?:dockerPassword}. For Amazon ECR, use secret key
Registry Type Enumeration: Specify which API to connect with the Docker Registry. When using IBM Containers, provide IBM Cloud Credentials. For Amazon ECR, use AWS access key as username and secret key as password
Registry Username String The username used to login to the Docker registry. For Amazon ECR, use access key
Regular Expression for Tag Selection String Provide regular expression to select tags to create component versions for.
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