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SAP Change and Transport System (CTS)

This plug-in is designed to interact with the SAP Change and Transport System.

Technical Support: The SAP CTS plug-in is an open source project that is fully supported by UrbanCode Development. If you have any issues with the plug-in, do not hesitate to create a formal PMR. However, for small issues or use case questions, we encourage users to create an issue on GitHub. Creating an issue there will allow you to speak directly to the developers and other SAP CTS plug-in users. Please note, if you build a new plug-in locally, support will not be able to assist you. If you wish for your changes to become supported by UrbanCode Development, submit a pull request on GitHub.

Available Steps

Add to Buffer: Add transport requests to the CTS buffer

Import: Import transport requests from the CTS buffer to the target system

Add File to Transport: Add files to existing transport requests

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